The ReadyFUND$® Payroll Card is a MasterCard® Prepaid Debit Card that provides employees secure and convenient access to more services than most traditional bank accounts and includes the eZsuite® of Employee Benefits.

Cash Access

  • ATM
  • PIN Debit Cash Back
  • No Charge PIN and POS transactions
  • Transfer to a Bank Account
  • Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal


  • Signature and PIN Debit
  • Online Purchasing
  • Mail/Telephone Order
  • Money Orders


Account Deposits and Transfers

  • Deposit of Primary Payroll
  • Deposit of Secondary Payroll
  • Direct Deposit of Benefits
  • eZtransfer® to a Bank Account

Money Management

  • eZbenefits® Health Discount Plan
  • eZlearn® Cardholder Education
  • eZalert® SMS Text Alerts

Bi-lingual Account Access

  • Toll Free IVR
  • 24x7 Customer Service